What is Soulvu - Soulvu
What is soulvu
A very simple explanation
360 images never lie
[Based on a true story, names have been changed to protect the innocent] You've seen that nice b&b in Paris and you rented it for your holidays. It was awful: despite the artsy hipster pictures it was dirty, old, messy, and with electricity crackling out of the panel next to your bed. Your girlfriend cried, you blamed the too-beautiful-pictures. 360 images never lie: you can't just fake a full panorama, or Photoshop the entire universe. That's why in the real estate market, deluxe houses start to use 360 pictures to guarantee context beside artsiness. Add to this picture that the first attempts to create 3D content for real estate were pretty clumsy: expensive and uncomfortable headsets, expensive 3D renders, poor motion, complex context and bad overall experience. The two worlds did not match. Until now.

We created a software + hardware tool to create virtual tours. Simple, inexpensive, that works via browser, without expensive apps.

And there's much more: it can be used to tell stories, visit museums, search for your dream house, shop, whatever your imagination feels like.
Let's break it down now:

In short
  • 1. With Soulvu you can create 3D Virtual tours on your own
  • 2. It's a Software as a service. You buy the service, and create your own content, with the tools you prefer.
  • 3. You take the stereoscopic pictures, and upload them via smartphone.
  • 4. You add doors, music, overlays, audio files, directly when uploading.
  • 5. Works on any kind of VR Viewer, from Google Cardboard up.
  • 6. If you have a stereoscopic viewer - even a cheap one - you will see the content in 3D.
  • 7. If you don't have it - you can navigate it via browser or smartphone like Google Street View, so to say.
  • 8. We guide you to learn how to do create your content.
  • 9. You pay only for what you use.
  • 10.You can brand your content and embed it on your site.
In short
What can i do with Soulvu?
Display 360 degree interactive images in 2D and in 3D, as well as show architectural renders
Soulvu is web based, targeted at the mainstream mobile market.
No download required for users, no registration is required.
It’s scalable: works both on 2D in a common browser or mobile phone, and in 3D too.
It can be used by anyone even before Virtual Reality becomes mainstream (or in case it doesn’t…)
It’s flexible: it can be used to display real estate, for touristic sightseeing, museum visits, hotels, product showrooms.
Can be used for very simple to very complex architectural projects and product portfolios.
Is webVR with a smartphone as fluid as an Oculus / HTC Vive experience?
It can't be - different, non-dedicated hardware. But it's still moving at a whopping 60 frames per second. It's a totally different market: very little people has access to a high end VR viewer, and maybe never will. Almost everyone owns a smartphone, and can afford to buy a 20$ VR Viewer: an easy gift for companies and real estate agencies as well.
We can produce renders on our own, but are we supposed to hire you to take the 360 degree photographs?
Absolutely not. We don't and we won't take the pictures for you - we will teach you instead the best practices to shoot them on your own
You say soulvu is both hardware and software - could you tell us more about the hardware part?
Sure: we bought an inexpensive 3d mount to shoot the pictures at ease with cheap devices. It's now patent pending in the European Community. Please contact us to know us more.
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