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What is Soulvu
Soulvu: virtual reality ready content "While-u-wait"
Two years have passed from The Verge article sarcastically titled "Virtual reality is always ALMOST here" and yes, truth is that this is still valid nowadays. Virtual reality didn't go mainstream yet. You don't see it in the roads, you don't see it in nearly all videoclips, and sales of VR games are good but not exactly impressive. Why? Because there's so much work to do in making a 5-seconds wow factor become something irreplaceable and worth buying. Especially when this comes at a high price, and often with problems of cables, doors, uncomfortable experiences, health factors and so on.
This is not something me and you can do anything about it - VR walks mostly on the shoulders of giants like Facebook and Google. Ensoul strongly believes in VR - Soulvu is the result of two years of work. It's not virtual reality like it's probably meant to be, where you can wander around in magical places walking and touching stuff. Point is, that virtual reality is still a niche.

We created Soulvu then, which is a very simple scalable tool to display stereoscopic 360 degree images. We built a small, smart, inexpensive hardware piece to take pictures easily, aiming at the smartphone market, using webvr - virtual reality in a browser so that anyone can use it without installing anything.

  • browser based
  • lightweight both on desktop and mobile phones
  • minimal processor effort on load for enhanced mobile performance
  • one purpose simplified user experience
  • point-and-click backend interface
  • Oculus Go™ ready
  • Google Daydream™ ready
  • Full analytics
  • built in sound for a more immersive experience
  • location geolocalization
  • customer branded content
  • fully responsive, easily embeddable
  • now including audio content per point
  • now with the new real time uploader: upload your content and test it as you shoot
In short
What can i do with Soulvu?
Display 360 degree interactive images in 2D and in 3D, as well as show architectural renders
Soulvu is web based, targeted at the mainstream mobile market.
No download required for users, no registration is required.
It’s scalable: works both on 2D in a common browser or mobile phone, and in 3D too.
It can be used by anyone even before Virtual Reality becomes mainstream (or in case it doesn’t…)
It’s flexible: it can be used to display real estate, for touristic sightseeing, museum visits, hotels, product showrooms.
Can be used for very simple to very complex architectural projects and product portfolios.
Is webVR with a smartphone as fluid as an Oculus / HTC Vive experience?
It can't be - different, non-dedicated hardware. But it's still moving at a whopping 60 frames per second. It's a totally different market: very little people has access to a high end VR viewer, and maybe never will. Almost everyone owns a smartphone, and can afford to buy a 20$ VR Viewer: an easy gift for companies and real estate agencies as well.
We can produce renders on our own, but are we supposed to hire you to take the 360 degree photographs?
Absolutely not. We don't and we won't take the pictures for you - we will teach you instead the best practices to shoot them on your own
You say soulvu is both hardware and software - could you tell us more about the hardware part?
Sure: we bought an inexpensive 3d mount to shoot the pictures at ease with cheap devices. It's now patent pending in the European Community. Please contact us to know us more.
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