Soulvu is a software + hardware tool designed to create and visualize 360 degree interactive views of your world, both in 2D and in 3D.

(Yes, it’s working also with Google Cardboard and all kinds of Virtual Reality eyewear)

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Real Estate navigation

Easy to use: drag the circle over the arrows and wait. That’s all!

Architectural overlaying

Displaying architectural content as an overlay / photograpy + render

Touristic sightseeing

Jacum Pitôr, Villa Romano; Courtesy of Rodaro Winery

Features and application fields

  • Soulvu is web based, targeted at the mainstream mobile market.

    No download is required, no registration is required.

  • It’s scalable: it works both on 2D in a common browser or mobile phone, and in 3D too.

    It can be used by anyone even before Virtual Reality becomes mainstream (or in case it doesn’t…)

  • It’s flexible: it can be used to display real estate, for touristic sightseeing, museum visits, hotels, product showrooms.

    Can be used for very simple to very complex architectural projects and product portfolios.

  • It’s affordable: far less expensive than any other actual sightseeing VR System.

    We’ve built a hardware tool to make it even cheaper, but you can use your devices too.

  • It’s easy to use: a minimal interface fits both 2D and 3D.

    You can explore virtual environments and receive contextual information too with the same action. Drag the circle over the icon: that’s all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are you?

    We’re Ensoul, a passionate Italian company with a strong commitment to create things that make you go wow. We’ve been playing around for the last two years on WebVR in the browser based world.

  • å

    Is Soulvu ready?

    Yes, it’s a fully working product that can be used in production from this very moment on. And well – as at the Google VR Workshop in London this march somebody told – we’re still at the Lumiére brothers developmental phase of this art so everything can – and will be – improved. What you see here is a scaled-down demo. The full application will be launched this fall.

  • Is it expensive? I’ve read that producing vr content is insanely expensive

    You will be surprised. Contact us.

  • So you’re a startup and are looking for business angels that…

    We’re not looking for business angels. We’re looking for partners, investors, early adopters. Again, contact us.

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We usually hang out in Italy at our Ensoul offices in Udine and Pordenone. But you may also find us sharing technological insights and soulful delights in Milan and London we are on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Ensoul Head Office, Via Tavagnacco, 63 33100 Udine, Italy. Phone: +39 0432 1636528 Development Office Via Villanova di Sotto, 16 33170 Pordenone Italy

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